Making full use of the new opportunities of 3D printing, 3D scanning and advanced 3D applications requires a deep understanding of the capabilities. These specialised skills are extremely rare in the workplace. Those skills are of paramount importance in the engineering work leading up to 3D printing process, but paradoxically most 3D printing service providers focus on 3D printing only without support in the engineering process. As such, the benefits of 3D technological advancements remain inaccessible for many (smaller) organisations.

We provide end-to-end service to our clients and can provide a range of services in the engineering stages prior to the 3D printing process.

Our strengths in engineering are:

  • Converting and upgrading various design formats into a high quality 3D design ready for printing
  • Designing a casting mould for a product including the gating system
  • 3D Scanning and reverse engineering a product or broken product
  • Optimising a design for 3D printing – reducing material use and number of parts/assemblies